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Why Choose Skillion Patios

What is a Skillion Patio?

The word Skillion refers to the style of roof that is fixed to the patio. A skillion is a flat roof that is pitched on an angle. As a result, one side is higher than the opposite side.

A Skillion can either be freestanding or attached to an existing structure, such as a fence or house. Freestanding Skillion Patios are often constructed next to backyard swimming pools. This creates a peaceful, shaded area to relax and entertain friends and family.

Why Choose a Skillion?

Skillion Patios have been a popular selection for homeowners in WA for many years now for a number of reasons, including –

All Year Use

A well designed Skillion Patio should ensure that you can enjoy the structure throughout most months of the year. The open plan design allow additional sunlight in the colder Winter months. In Summer, the structure should provide shade from the sun and allow enough airflow to keep you cool.

Water Drainage

There is a preference for skillions, compared to Flat Patios. This is because the angle of the roof allows rainwater to naturally run off. Whereas, water drainage can sometimes be difficult to control with a Flat Patio.

Stunning Appearance

Often coupled together, are Skillion Patios and Cedar Lined roof boards. The pitch of the roof on a Skillion allows you to show off this finish which can create a stunning look.  Modern lighting especially makes it look great at night.

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