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How, When & Why Should I Reseal my Timber Deck?

Why & How Should I Reseal my Deck?

Despite the rise in popularity of low-maintenance composite decking in WA, many homeowners still elect to build with timber.

Timber decking offers a natural look and feel that can often not be achieved with composite products. However, like most natural products, timber can deteriorate over time unless it is regularly maintained.

Before you decide on how frequently you should protect your timber deck, you should consider what look you are going for. Traditionally, homeowners have opted to keep the timber looking like new. This requires a water based or oil based sealant which helps to maintain the natural colour of the timber.

However, in recent years we have seen a trend towards grey, aged or weathered looking timber. This can be achieved in some hardwoods with no maintenance and prolonged exposure to the sun. However, some softer timbers will need to be treated to achieve and retain the original timber colours.

When Should I Reseal my Deck?

There are many factors which influence the rate at which you should reseal your timber deck. These include –

Durability Rating
Typically, timbers with a higher durability rating will require less maintenance & will handle the extreme conditions much better.

Usage / Traffic
A high traffic deck will create more wear and tear and therefore you will have to maintain it more frequently to keep it looking great.

Exposure to Direct Sunlight & Weather
Most types of timber prefer a cool, dry climate, as direct exposure to sunlight and weather will cause them to deteriorate more rapidly. Unless you are aiming for a weathered look.

As a rule of thumb, you should oil/reseal your deck every 6 to 12 months depending on the factors listed above. In most cases a single coat will be ample to rejuvenate the deck area.

What happens if i fail to oil/reseal my deck for several years?

When a timber deck is neglected by failing to maintain it regularly, the oil or sealant will break down over time with UV and water exposure. Once the coating has been exposed to the harmful UV rays long enough they eventually breakdown and some flaking may occur. When this occurs, the timber will often need to be sanded back either lightly or at times heavily before a new coat of oil can be applied. This sanding process will often outweigh the cost of regular maintenance.

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