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Patio Designs – What Options Do You Have?

If you’re looking at adding a timber patio to your backyard you’re probably aware there are various patio designs to choose from. So what option will be most suited to your specific requirements?

What Should I Consider?

To make the best possible decision you should consider several factors –

What is the purpose of the patio?

Timber patios can be used for a variety of activities from relaxation to entertainment and dining. Additionally, you may be looking for a shaded poolside area, a centrepiece for your garden or a shelter for your spa or BBQ.

When will the patio be used?

Depending on the purpose, they may also be used predominantly during the day and/or during the evening. This can dictate the position, angle and style that is optimal for your requirements.

How much sunlight would you like to enter the structure?

If the structure is going to be used during the day for relaxation, you may want sunlight to enter during particular times. Whereas, if your primary purpose is to create a shade structure, you will likely want to ensure that you receive cover from sunlight during the afternoon.

Will the patio be attached to an existing structure?

Patios are often attached to an existing structure like a verandah or eve. This creates an extension of your indoor area and will dictate what patio designs are available. Alternatively, a free standing patio provides more flexibility when it comes to size, style and design.

What features or gardens are already present within your backyard?

To create a seamless look, you’ll typically want your new timber patio to match the look and feel of your backyard. On the other hand, some homeowners select a patio design or colour that contrasts their existing style. This can create a bold look that stands out from the crowd.

What Patio Designs Can I Choose From?

Now it’s time to consider the patio designs that will be most suited to your individual requirements.

Skillion Patios

Skillion patios are defined by their flat roof which is pitched on an angle. When the position of the patio and angle of the roof is carefully considered, a skillion can provide the optimum level of sunlight and airflow.

They are a popular choice when looking for a shaded poolside structure, offering a combination of practicality and a stunning appearance. The angled roof also allows rain water to run off naturally.

Skillion Patio Designs

Flat Patios

As the name states, flat patios include a flat roof that is not pitched on an angle like a skillion.

The flat roof makes it more difficult to control water drainage and also does not provide as much flexibility when aiming to control sunlight and airflow. Hence, they are not as popular within Western Australia, although can sometimes provide an ideal solution depending on your requirements.

Flat Patio Designs

Gable Patios

Gable patios include a traditional style upturned “V” within the roof. Although they were more commonly found in homes before the turn of the century, they are still the preferred option for traditional styled timber homes.

They provide a more open and spacious option when compared to skillion or flat roof patio design.

Other Options

Other less popular patio designs within WA include hip end, federation, dome and pyramid patios.

Patio Designs from WA Timber Decking Professionals

Paul and the team at WATDP are here to help you make the best decision possible. You may have found a photo of a patio you think will suit your backyard, or you may be looking for a truly unique custom patio design. Either way, we will take the time to carefully understand your requirements and offer a range of ideal options. We’ll also recommend a range of timbers depending on your backyard, climate and desired look. Contact us today to get the ball rolling.


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