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Handy Tips For Building Outdoor Patios

Outdoor patios are defined as an area adjoining a house that is used for lounging and dining. Because they are built using various designs and materials, it can be difficult to decide on the best fit for your requirements.

Perth always has amazing weather in the Summer months. For this reason, many homeowners decide to upgrade their backyard with an outdoor patio.

A well designed patio can transform your dull and impractical backyard into an incredible oasis. Furthermore, it will add significant value to your home and provide you with hours of pleasure and relaxation. However, if you select the wrong builder or design, you may not receive the desired outcome.

Types of Outdoor Patios

Your new patio should be custom designed in line with the dimensions of your backyard and the direction of sunlight etc. In particular, if you have an unusually shaped backyard. However, there are several styles of Patios that you can select from as the starting point, these include:


The word Skillion refers to the style of roof that is constructed on top of the patio. A skillion is a flat roof that is pitched on an angle so that one side is higher than the opposite side. Learn more.


Any style of patio without an existing structure is a free standing patio. In most cases, the existing structure is a house or wall.


The Gable also refers to the style of roof that is added to the patio. Gable roofs have a peak in the middle which is created by an upturned ‘V’ shape.

Steel or Timber?

So you have elected to add a new patio to your backyard. One of the first questions you will ask is – Should I build with steel or timber? Make sure that you consider all of the pro’s and con’s before making a decision:


Typically, the cost for labour will be cheaper when building with steel. However, the additional costs for steel frames and materials will often outweigh this saving. Therefore, timber is generally more affordable than steel.


Majority of people prefer the natural seamless look that timber provides in comparison to steel. Particularly, in backyards that have an abundance of natural vegetation.

Design Flexibility

Timber provides greater design flexibility. It can be easily carved, cut and bolted together. This allows timber patio builders to design unique structures customised to their environment.

Eco Friendly

Timber that sourced from a sustainable forest, more eco friendly compared to using steel.

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