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Recycled vs Reclaimed Timber

Recycled Timber or Reclaimed Timber?

Since the turn of this century when deforestation and climate change became socials issues, recycled and reclaimed timber have become an increasingly popular choice for deck builders and carpenters.

What’s the Difference?

There are some subtle, although important differences between reclaimed and recycled timber.

Firstly, recycled timber has been salvaged from an existing structure. It is typically sourced from demolished factories, buildings, decks, bridges or jetties. Whereas, reclaimed timber has been sourced from the forest floor.

Why Use Reclaimed or Recycled Timber?

In addition to being an environmentally sustainable option, there are several other benefits to using reclaimed or recycled timber –

  • By using recycled or reclaimed timber we are saving it from going to waste or landfill.
  • It is often much cheaper when compared to new timber.
  • It delivers a unique, weathered look that cannot be achieved with new timber.
  • Recycled timber is generally stronger and more durable than new timber because the moisture content is virtually zero. This makes is ideal for high volume commercial applications.

What Do I Need to Look Out For?

If you are considering using recycled timber, there are a few questions you should first ask your timber merchant –

  • Have any nails been removed from the timber?
  • What grading is the timber?
  • Where was the timber sourced from?
  • What volume and sizes of timber are available to purchase?
  • How has it been stored after it was recycled?

Recycled Ironbark Timber Decking

At WA Timber Decking Professionals, we suggest using 100% Australian hardwood Ironbark timber. This exceptional timber is super strong and durable, recycled and virtually maintenance free. It is the ideal option for high volume areas such as pubs and boardwalks.

Want to Learn More?

Contact Paul today to learn more about our premium recycled and reclaimed timber decking options.

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