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Deck Maintenance

Timber Decking Maintenance

Timber Decking Maintenance Requirements

All natural Timber Decking and Timber products change with the years. So once your deck or outdoor living area is finished we will offer you a checklist of typical requirements. On the other hand if you prefer, we will work out a Timber Decking Maintenance schedule and carry it out for you as required.

Our customers find the choice of a Maintenance checklist for those who like to DIY, or a Timber Decking Maintenance service a huge benefit of dealing with WA Timber Decking in Perth.

Timber Decking Cleaning – DIY

Once your construction is finished we will offer you a Timber Decking Maintenance checklist of the typical requirements. This will include such jobs as cleaning, resealing or oiling your Timber Decking. Furthermore, it will prompt you to check for timber movement, loosened attachments etc. Just like your Timber Decking Builder would. We can also advise you on what Timber Decking Hardware products to use, how to do the deck maintenance jobs yourself, and when they will need doing.

Timber Decking Maintenance

Deck Maintenance – Need Assistance?

We understand how busy you are during the week… Weekends are for relaxing and enjoying your outdoor living area. So it makes perfect sense to have a professional person do the Timber Decking Maintenance for you!

We will work out the most practical and affordable deck maintenance schedule to match your needs. Some clients like us to do all the deck maintenance for them, while others carry out some them selves and get us in once a year to give their Maintenance the thorough ‘once over’!

Find Out More?

So whether a DIY Deck Maintenance program is right for you or a complete Deck Maintenance service suits you perfectly, don’t hesitate to contact us to get the best advice and Timber Decking Maintenance program for you.