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Timber & Wire Balustrade

Timber & Wire Balustrade

Timber Balustrade + Stainless Steel Cable is the Perfect Safe & Effective Finish

Using a selection of combined materials including stainless steel cable, hardwood posts and handrail, we will create a timber and wire balustrade structure. A structure that is both unique and attractive. You’ll also be assured that your balustrade matches the style and look of the rest of the area. Why block out the view when you can keep it using stainless steel cable?

Consider all the places where balustrade serves practical purposes…

  • Safety fencing on raised timber decking
  • Hand railing edging steps and stairs
  • Natural divisions in entertainment areas.
  • Controlling and directing traffic flow

Visually, our balustrade provides an unobtrusive safety barrier. It’s also the best low maintenance solution for homes in coastal areas.

Why Choose Us?

We’ll work with you to decide the practical use of timber and wire balustrade in your outdoor area. And come up with a design that blends beautifully and meets all safety standards.

Why not read what our happy clients have to say about the high standards and service they have received?

WA Timber Decking Perth can provide you with choices of different timber types for your timber and wire balustrade. We will encourage you to select from our range of environmentally managed timbers too. Furthermore, the designs of our structures are very practical. Additionally, the professional tradesmen build the structures solidly. Fully warranty comes with your balustrade. Furthermore, we encourage you to read about this comprehensive cover.


When it comes to the maintenance of your timber balustrade, you’ll have choices. We can show you how to DIY. Or we will provide you with a complete maintenance service.

Find Out More?

So have a look through our project gallery for more ideas. Every photo is a project that has been designed and constructed by WA Timber Decking. Then contact us to learn more.