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Timber Decking Perth

Why Choose Timber Decking?

People are increasingly turning to timber decking within their backyards. A practical and attractive timber deck constructed using high quality timber can transform your backyard into a stunning outdoor entertainment area.

For quality custom decking that will stand the test of time, use timber decking Perth specialists, WA Timber Decking Professionals.

Our clients tell us these are their most important reasons for choosing timber decking –

  • It looks stunning.
  • It’s easy to keep looking clean.
  • It blends with a natural environment.
  • Our decking can be custom designed so it can fit and compliment any area.
  • It can be easily built to give interesting height differences. Yet without expensive fill and retaining walls.
  • It is ‘softer’ underfoot and especially safer for children.
  • Timber Decking is warmer than stone in winter.
  • It becomes an extension of the inside area.
  • Decking adds real value to any home as an entertaining area.
Timber Decking Perth
A stunning timber deck and gazebo that custom designed & constructed by our skilled team.

Eco-Friendly Timber Choices

WA Timber Decking Perth can provide you with several choices of high quality timbers, which are tailored to your individual requirements. We will encourage you to select from our range of environmentally managed timbers.

At WA Timber Decking Professionals, we advocate the use of recycled, reclaimed and sustainable timbers. Old growth forests throughout the world are shrinking at an alarming rate, and thus good quality timbers sourced from old trees are becoming more and more scarce. As a family owned and operated business, we understand that our forests are a vital part of the ecosystem, and we are passionate about conserving the environment for our future generations.

When a timber is recycled and not sent to landfill or allowed to naturally decay, it continues to be a critical store of carbon, and its life is extended beyond the purpose for which it was initially intended. In addition to this, the production of recycled timbers is far more environmentally friendly – There is no requirement to extract, transport and dry the timber. In some cases, the timber also does not need to be re-milled.

The State Government has recently decided to end logging in native forest by 2024. We applaud this decision and aim to lead the way within Western Australia when it comes to promoting eco-friendly timbers.

From recycled and reclaimed hardwood Australian red and grey Ironbark, to Spotted Gum, Blackbutt, Darwin Stringybark and other timbers that are produced under the fundamentals of Ecologically Sustainable Forest Management, we can source a diverse range of eco-friendly timbers, depending on your individual requirements. Contact us today to discuss your upcoming project.

Deck Maintenance & Care

You will have choices when it comes to the maintenance of your deck. We can show you how to DIY, or alternatively we will provide you with a complete timber decking maintenance service.

We recommend that you speak with us for advice on whether a particular timber will be suitable for your individual requirements and how it should be maintained.

View our Timber Decking Sealer & Oil.

Why Choose WA Timber Decking Professionals?

WA Timber Decking Professionals are a family owned and operated boutique provider of stunning yet practical custom designed outdoor timber structures. When you contact WATDP you’ll deal directly with Paul, our owner (no pushy salesperson). Paul will manage your project from the initial discussion and quotation right through to the construction and ongoing maintenance of your new timber structure.

As a qualified carpenter with 30+ years experience, Paul has built 100’s of high quality outdoor timber structures and decks throughout Perth. Paul’s wealth of knowledge, friendly nature and attention to detail has positioned him as one of the most reliable and reputable deck builders in Australia. His outstanding level of workmanship was recently awarded with a Gold Medal for the Best Display at the 2018 and 2019 Perth Garden Festival.

Schedule an Obligation-Free Onsite Quote

Upon meeting with you and taking the time to understand your objectives, Paul will deliver a detailed quotation which will carefully take into consideration the moisture levels, direction of sunlight, air flow and climate, to ensure that your new timber deck is not only attractive, but strong and durable and will last many years.

Contact us today to schedule your obligation-free onsite consultation and quotation.

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