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Timber Patios Perth

Why Choose Us?

Paul and the team at WA Timber Decking Professionals provide a unique service that aims to exceed your expectations at every stage. Paul has over 25 years of experience within the carpentry and construction industry which has provided him with the knowledge and experience to tackle just about any timber patio project.

Selecting the correct builder for your Timber Patio is a crucial decision, click here to learn about more how to select the best builder.

Types of Timber Patios

Firstly, you will need to decide on whether you require a free standing patio or an attached patio. As the name suggests, a free standing patio is not adjoined to an existing structure. Whereas, an attached patio is typically adjoined to the house or building.

Free Standing Timber Patios provide the more flexibility in regards to the style, size and positioning of the patio. However, an attached patio can provide a seamless extension of your living area.

There are several styles of patios which can be constructed as both free standing and attached. The name of the design refers to the type of roof that is added to the patio. Some of the roof styles include Skillion, Gable, Flat, Hip End, Federation, Dome, Pyramid and more.

Timber Choices

Selecting the correct timber for your patio is another important decision to make. WA Timber Decking stock several Australia & Imported timbers that all vary by way of price, durability and resistance to termites, fire, moisture etc.

When you contact us you will speak with Paul, who has built hundred’s of timber structures for Perth home owners. Paul will carefully consider your requirements, along with the direction of sun and wind, climate, soil types etc. This is so he can suggest the most ideal timber for your requirements and environment.

Find Out More?

Paul is always happy to provide expert advice on your upcoming project, so why not contact Paul today to learn more.