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Different Styles of Free Standing Patios

What are Free Standing Patios?

Firstly, if you are contemplating adding a patio to your backyard one of the first questions you will have is – Do I require an attached or free standing patio?

A free standing patio is a patio without an existing structure. Similar to a house. This style of patio has become increasingly popular within Perth for a number of reasons.


In regards to the placement, size and style of the structure, the builder has many options. There is flexibility because free standing patios are not attached to an existing structure. Conversely, selecting to build an attached patio will restrict where you can place the structure. Furthermore, the existing structure dictates the style and size.

A free standing patio allows you to include open or closed sides, depending on your requirements. Whereas, an attached patio will typically have at least one closed wall.

Free Standing Patio Styles

There are a variety of styles for free standing patios including:

A skillion patio is a structure with a flat roof and flat roof placed on an angle. If built correctly, the angular design of the roof should provide significant shade from the sun and sufficient airflow. Click here to learn more about Skillion Patios.

A Flat Patio is the same as a Skillion without a pitch or angle on the roof. They are less popular within Perth because the flat roof does not provide a natural run off for water. Additionally, they typically do not provide as much shade or airflow as a Skillion.

Gabio Patios have an inverted ‘V’ at the peak of the roof. Many homeowners prefer the traditional look of a Gable roof when compared to a Skillion or Flat roof. In addition, the structure provides a more spacious feel.

Other Styles
Free Standing Patios are also built as –

  • Hip End Patios
  • Federation Patios
  • Dome Patios
  • Pyramid Patios and more


Free Standing Patios can be constructed using a range of Australian or Imported timbers. The ideal timber for your structure will depend on your requirements, environment, climate and more.

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