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Tips & Ideas on Outdoor Decking

Tips & Ideas on Outdoor Decking

So you are considering outdoor decking? A new timber deck can increase the value of your property. Additionally, revamping your old and tired backyard into an incredible area where you can entertain and relax with friends and family. However, if you select the wrong builder, timbers or structure design, it may end up costing too much and/or causing more problems than it solves.

Below, we have provided some free expert advice. Including factors you need to consider when selecting the best builder, timbers and structure for your backyard.


Firstly, there are a variety of timbers that you can select from in Western Australia to build your outdoor decking. The available timber can vary considerably in strength and durability. Therefore, it is important to not only consider the price, but more importantly what timbers are most suitable for your requirements, environment, climate etc.

By speaking with numerous different deck builders, you should get a feel for what timbers will be best suited for your particular project.

Find out more about how to select the best deck builder for your project.


Air ventilation in and around your outdoor decking is an important factor that some less experienced deck builders do not fully consider. If there is not sufficient space left between the borders of the deck and surrounding lawn, paving or structures, moisture can cause the timbers to become warped or expand and/or contract.

This issue is more prominent with Eucalypts including Spotted Gum, Jarrah and Blackbutt. Merbau has great resistance to environment factors in relation to dealing with the harsh WA climate.

Deck Maintenance

The rate at which you need to maintain your new outdoor decking will vary. It will largely depend on the timbers you select and your location. Although a good rule of thumb is to maintain your deck twice per year. Periodic maintenance of your outdoor deck will result in many years of enjoyment.

WA Timber Decking Professionals offer a DIY deck sealer. This allows you to easily maintain your timber deck using a safe, fuss-free, water based product. Although, if you would prefer for us to assist with your deck maintenance please contact us today.

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