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Council Approval for Timber Decks

Council Approval

Do I Need a Building Permit?

The rules pertaining to council approval and building permits for constructing timber decks in WA vary depending on what local council you are located within.

As a rule of thumb, you will typically require a permit if you are constructing an elevated structure , close proximity to boundaries.

Local Councils in Perth

The rules within each council may vary and so we suggest that you check with your local council if you are in any doubt. Here are some guidelines from Wanneroo and Stirling –

City of Wanneroo
Info Page & Decking Information Sheet

City of Stirling
When is a Building Permit Required?

The State government also provides some safety guidelines around the construction of balconies and decks.

Your Deck Builder

Your deck builder should be able to confirm whether you will require a building permit to construct your new deck. They should also be able to answer any questions you have in regards to the permit or approval, and manage this process for you from start to finish. Learn more about how to select the best deck builder for your project.

Cost of Building Permits

The cost of a building permit will vary depending on which local council you are located in and the size/type of the structure. However, they typically cost from $135 upwards.

If you elect to ignore the rules within your local council and you are caught out, the fines are generally at least 3x the cost for acquiring a permit.

Want to Learn More?

Contact Paul at WA Timber Decking Professionals today for free expert advice on whether you will require council approval to build a new timber deck in your backyard.

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