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What Elements Affect Timber Decking Prices

Timber Decking Prices

If you are considering engaging a builder to design and construct a new timber deck in your backyard, one of the first questions you will ask is about timber decking prices.

What Elements Affect the Price

There are a number of different elements that will affect timber decking prices including:

  • The sort of timber you select to build with
  • The dimensions of the deck in m²
  • The add-ons to your deck, for eg – balustrading, roofing, stairs etc.
  • The materials used to build your deck, for eg – screws, nuts, bolts etc.
  • The existing condition of your backyard, including the soil type
  • Whether there is any sloping / elevation within your backyard
  • Whether you require any permits from your local council

Deck Add-Ons

Here is a quick break-down of some of the add-ons you can include within the design that will affect the price of your new timber deck: picture frame border for extra style, Narrow or wide decking board, hardwood or softwood, local or imported hardwoods, custom bench seats, bar tops using wider timber options, decking lights

By including timber balustrading with stainless steel cables around your deck you will receive number of advantages including additional safety (with hand rails) and the division of entertainment areas within your deck.

Timber stairs will typically need to be added to your deck when you have an elevated deck on a sloping backyard. This will provide you with access from the deck to your backyard. Steps can also be in the form of landing style steps. Which will work well if you have plenty of room

There are a few different forms of roofing that you can add to your timber deck including a cedar lined pavilion or timber structure. The option you select along with the dimensions and type of timber (if applicable) will dictate the price.
The combination of hardwood posts and treated pine stained is a good option to keep prices down

Elevated Decks

If your backyard is on a slope, an elevated deck will generally need to be constructed. This style can significantly increase the amount of labour, materials and timber required to build the deck. Each of these factors will be considered by your deck builder and each will influence the timber decking price.

Local Council Permits

The laws pertaining to council permits when building a timber deck vary slightly from one council to another. Find out more about council approvals and building permits in WA.

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