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Spotted Gum Decking Perth

Why Choose Spotted Gum Decking?

Spotted Gum is a combination of four types of timber that grow from Northern Victoria through to the tablelands of Queensland. It has several unique characteristics which make it appealing within WA homes:


Available in a wide range of colours, Spotted Gum decking can vary from a pale straw colour right through to stunning natural dark browns.


Spotted Gum is a native Australian hardwood that boasts the highest level of durability. This exceptional strength combined with its ability to be to machined, cut and shaped has made it a popular choice of timber within the building and construction industry in Australia.


Spotted Gum also has a high rating for resistance against wood destroying fungi and insects, including termites.


It also has lower levels of tannins when compared to other eucalypts. This reduces the likelihood of nearby brickwork or paintwork to stain when water runs over the unpainted surface.

Spotted Gum Decking
A Spotted Gum deck that was constructed at a home in Perth by our skilled team.

Is Spotted Gum Eco-Friendly?

All of the Spotted Gum sourced by WA Timber Decking Professionals is supplied from credible timber plantations located on the east coast of Australia. By sourcing our Spotted Gum decking from these environmentally friendly plantations we are helping to increase biodiversity within Australia.

Spotted Gum Maintenance & Care

Like most Australian hardwoods, Spotted Gum decking can tend to warp, twist or swell when exposed to the wrong conditions. In order to avoid this, the timber should be pre-oiled and secured with right fasteners. It should also be positioned in an area with appropriate ventilation, low moisture levels and exposure to the elements. The timber should then be treated every 6 to 12 months depending on the level of traffic and exposure.

We recommend that you speak with us for advice on whether a particular timber will be suitable for your individual requirements and how it should be maintained.

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Why Choose WA Timber Decking Professionals?

WA Timber Decking Professionals are a family owned and operated boutique provider of stunning yet practical custom designed outdoor timber structures. When you contact WATDP you’ll deal directly with Paul, our owner (no pushy salesperson). Paul will manage your project from the initial discussion and quotation right through to the construction and ongoing maintenance of your new timber structure.

As a qualified carpenter with 30+ years experience, Paul has built 100’s of high quality outdoor timber structures and Spotted Gum decks throughout Perth. Paul’s wealth of knowledge, friendly nature and attention to detail has positioned him as one of the most reliable and reputable deck builders in Australia. His outstanding level of workmanship was recently awarded with a Gold Medal for the Best Display at the 2018 and 2019 Perth Garden Festival.

Schedule an Obligation-Free Onsite Quote

Upon meeting with you and taking the time to understand your objectives, Paul will deliver a detailed quotation which will carefully take into consideration the moisture levels, direction of sunlight, air flow and climate, to ensure that your new Spotted Gum deck is not only attractive, but strong and durable and will last many years.

Contact us today to schedule your obligation-free onsite consultation and quotation.

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