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Custom Decks

Custom Timber Deck Designs

The Process

When you engage WA Timber Decking Professionals you’ll get more than expert tradesmen – we also offer stunning custom decks.

We’ll spend time with you designing your outdoor dream. We have custom designed and built timber decks around infinity pools that needed to sit over boulder outcrops; around trees that needed to grow through the deck, and over Koi ponds. We have created pergolas that embraced vegetable gardens, jarrah stairs that seamlessly integrated with exquisite sandstone steps, and decking that went right into internal living rooms.

We start with a discussion to get the full scope of the timber deck design project. If we are the right people for your job then a full inspection of your property follows. The overall size and scale of the design project will determine the extent of the construction plans required. Some projects may not even require shire involvement.

Our construction team is highly skilled and has years of timber deck design and building experience. They pride themselves on their attention to detail, and make even the most difficult and challenging projects look easy.

Unusual Projects

We have over 20 years experience assisting home owners, property developers and major commercial projects with Timber Decking Design ideas, installations and location problems. For example, when constructing a new Timber Decking and outdoor area for a large property on the WA coast it was apparent to us that the standard Timber Supplies and Decking Hardware recommended would just not give a reliable enough solution to the client.

We investigated better ways to stabilise the structure, prevent corrosion and give the client a low maintenance Timber Decking area. Architects were impressed, fellow builders on the site learnt something new and the client was over the moon!

We can also provide you with Timber Decking design concepts, fully drawn up to meet council specifications, and all the Timber Supplies recommendations.

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