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Ironbark Decking Perth

Why Choose Ironbark Decking?

Although Ironbark decking is relatively new to Western Australia, it has quickly become a popular choice for residential and commercial applications for several reasons:


Ironbark decking is unique in its colour variation ranging from light browns through to dark reds. This gives the timber and finished deck character. We can offer both Red and Gray Ironbark.


As a Class 1 Australian Hardwood, Ironbark is considered to be one of the hardest and strongest timbers available throughout Australia. This makes it an ideal choice for high volume commercial applications such as pubs, playgrounds and boardwalks.


Ironbark has an inherent resistance to fire and the sapwood is not susceptible to borers while the heartwood is Class 3 resistant.

Garden Festival Ironbark Deck
The 2019 Perth Garden Festival gold medal display constructed using Ironbark timber.

Is Ironbark Eco-Friendly?

Majority of the Ironbark sourced by WA Timber Decking Professionals is from Ironwood – Australia’s leading supplier and miller of recycled and reclaimed Australian hardwood timber. Ironwood’s reclaimed timber comes from old forest logs which maximise carbon storage and minimise wastage

WATDP can also source Red and Gray Ironbark from environmentally sustainable plantations on the East Coast of Australia.

Weathered Wire Brushed Ironbark Decking

Iron Deck and Park Deck are two unique options of Ironwood Ironbark decking that are derived from reclaimed timber being exposed to the sun for several weeks. A natural timber accelerated ageing serum is applied on a daily basis and the face of the wood is finally wire brushed. 

The finished product offers a unique weathered look with greater structural integrity, slip resistance and requires virtually no maintenance.

Ironbark Maintenance & Care

Ironbark will remain durable and achieve a unique weathered look with virtually no maintenance. If you are seeking a more polished finish, Ironbark should be sealed approximately every 6 months depending on its level of exposure to the elements.

View our Timber Decking Sealer & Oil.

Why Choose WA Timber Decking Professionals?

WA Timber Decking Professionals are a family owned and operated boutique provider of stunning yet practical custom designed outdoor timber structures. When you contact WATDP you’ll deal directly with Paul, our owner (no pushy salesperson). Paul will manage your project from the initial discussion and quotation right through to the construction and ongoing maintenance of your new timber structure.

As a qualified carpenter with 30+ years experience, Paul has built 100’s of high quality outdoor timber structures and Ironbark decks throughout Perth. Paul’s wealth of knowledge, friendly nature and attention to detail has positioned him as one of the most reliable and reputable deck builders in Australia. His outstanding level of workmanship was recently awarded with a Gold Medal for the Best Display at the 2018 and 2019 Perth Garden Festival.

Schedule an Obligation-Free Onsite Quote

Upon meeting with you and taking the time to understand your objectives, Paul will deliver a detailed quotation which will carefully take into consideration the moisture levels, direction of sunlight, air flow and climate, to ensure that your new Ironbark deck is not only attractive, but strong and durable and will last many years.

Contact us today to schedule your obligation-free onsite consultation and quotation.

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