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Ironbark Decking Perth

Ironbark Decking

The Perfect Choice for Architectural & Commercial Decking

Although Ironbark decking is new to Western Australia, it has quickly become a popular choice for commercial applications for several reasons:

100% Australian Hardwood

Sourced from the East coast, Ironbark timber is considered to be one of the hardest and strongest timbers available throughout Australia. The strength and durability of Ironbark make it an ideal choice for high volume areas such as pubs, playgrounds and boardwalks.

Maintenance Free

This enticing choice of timber will remain durable and achieve a unique weathered look with virtually no maintenance. It is also available in a wire brushed finish which has become increasingly popular for commercial applications.

Recycled Timber

Ironbark decking is considered to be an environmentally friendly choice, as the bulk of it is recycled / reclaimed.

Colour Range

It is also available in a wide range of colours and finishes to suit just about any commercial decking application.

Fire & Termite Resistant

Ironbark has an inherent resistance to fire and the sapwood is not susceptible to borers while the heartwood is class 3 resistant.

Ironwood Ironbark Decking

WA Timber Decking Professionals recommend the use of Ironbark timber from Ironwood Australia.

Ironwood is Australia’s leading supplier and miller of recycled and reclaimed Australian hardwood timber. Whether it’s for commercial, architectural or residential applications they can mill and supply a unique timber that will add personality and character to your next renovation project in Perth.

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