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Important Decisions to Consider Before Building Outdoor Pergolas

What is an Outdoor Pergola?

An outdoor pergola is typically a structure made from timber and/or steel. It is designed to provide a centrepiece, walkway or sitting/entertainment area within your outdoor garden.

They differ slightly to a patio, in that the roof is kept open. However, many people elect to add shade cloth to create additional cover from the sun.

Outdoor pergolas have been a popular choice for Perth homeowners since the 60’s because of their flexibility of design and use.

Outdoor Pergola Designs

There are an endless number of designs, materials, shapes and sizes that can be implemented when constructing outdoor pergolas. To design a highly practical pergola you should consider the following:

What is the main purpose of the outdoor pergola?
Pergolas can be used for a variety of purposes including but not limited to –

  • Entertainment area for friends and family
  • Shelter for your BBQ or spa
  • Garage to house your car/s
  • Centrepiece for your garden
  • Shaded poolside structure
  • Walkway or passageway through your garden
  • Shaded extension of your verandah

Where will the outdoor pergola be positioned within your backyard?
Several factors should be considered when locating the most suitable area for your pergola including –

  • What is the purpose of your structure?
  • What features or gardens are already present within your backyard?
  • Will the pergola be free standing, or attached to an existing structure such as a verandah or eve?
  • What is the direction of sunlight and airflow within your backyard?

Steel or Timber Pergola?

Another important decision is whether you should build with steel or timber. Here are some important factors to consider:

Typically, the cost for labour will be cheaper when building with steel. However, the additional costs for steel frames and materials will often outweigh this saving. Therefore, timber is generally more affordable than steel.

Majority of people prefer the natural seamless look that timber provides in comparison to steel. Particularly, in backyards that have an abundance of natural vegetation.

Design Flexibility
Timber provides greater design flexibility. It can be easily carved, cut and bolted together. This allows pergola builders to design unique structures customised to their environment.

Eco Friendly
Timber that is sourced from a sustainable forest is more eco friendly compared to using steel.

WA Timber Decking Professionals

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