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Refresh Your Deck for Summer

Summer is the season of barbecues and outdoor entertaining, and now is the time to get your timber deck ready. Winter is over, and spring is upon us, and it’s the perfect time to get yourself prepared. If you have timber decking, there are a number of easy things you can do to breathe life back into your yard after a long, cold winter.

Clean and Maintain Your Timber

After several months of rough weather and neglect, the first step to revitalising your deck is a little TLC. A surface clean with water and a recoat of sealer should be all you need to do. However, if you deck has been neglected for a number of years, a light oxalic wash will remove surface dirt and mold prior to recoating. In the worst case scenario a light sand of the boards may be required first. A quick check of fasteners and board quality is always recommended as well. If you don’t have the time to dedicate to your decking, or you would rather leave it to the professionals, WA Timber Decking Professionals offers a maintenance package to keep your decking in top shape. Call them also for advice on the best sealer product around!

Outdoor Rugs

A rug in outdoor-friendly fabrics can add a splash of colour to your backyard, as well as give the decking area a cozy feel for small gatherings. Consider using longer rectangular rugs to fill empty spaces, or a circular rug in the centre to tie the furniture together.

Add Some Plant Life

Potted flowering plants or even a small veggie patch are a great way to add some life alongside your decking. Larger plants can make the decking seem more sheltered, and the flowers bring colour – try choosing a flower that compliments your choice of colour scheme for your furniture. A herb garden is not only functional but fragrant, and great for warm summer evenings. Take care not to place pot-plants directly onto the timber boards, as water stains may result.

Wire Your Deck For Sound

A weatherproof outdoor sound system can bring ambience to your gatherings, or work as a convenient solution to outdoor party music. Consider a mounted speaker system to keep both the speakers and the wiring up and out of the way.

Let There Be Light

If you have external stairs, adding some small lights can be great for safety reasons. Solar backyard lights are also a good option for when the sun goes down. Decorative lanterns or fairy lights can bring some magic to your deck, but make sure they provide adequate light to see and eat by.

Glass Fencing

If your decking doesn’t already have railing or fencing, consider installing a glass pane fence. It’s an effective way of blocking wind without compromising the feeling of space, or blocking the view.

Update Your Furniture

An extremely simple and effective way of updating your deck with hardly any construction is to replace your old, tired deck furniture. Choose pieces made from durable outdoor materials such as aluminium, hard-wearing woods, steel, or plastic. An even easier way to upgrade is to add some cushions made from an outdoor-friendly fabric. These can create a colour scheme as well as make the furniture look comfortable and inviting.

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Don’t have a Deck? Would like to extend your current decking? Contact WA Timber Decking Professionals for customised solutions, no matter what the space.


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