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Pool Decks – Important Points to Consider

Adding a Deck to Your Pool

A backyard swimming pool can add significant value to your home. Along with providing many hours of fun and relaxation for your family and friends. However, what surrounds your pool will bring more joy, rather than the pool itself. Homeowners have many options when it comes to building around a swimming pool. From pool decks to paving to landscaping, to a combination of all.

Selecting to build a spa or pool deck is one of the more popular options in Western Australia as it looks aesthetically pleasing. Also, it’s easy to maintain and it creates a practical and functional entertainment area.

If you are considering building a pool deck here are some important points to consider:

Air Ventilation

Air ventilation surrounding your deck is important. Mainly because the pool deck will be situated in an area with exposure to a lot of moisture. Excessive moisture that is not removed by air ventilation will cause certain timbers to bend, warp, expand and/or contract.

Timber Selection

Merbau is generally a good choice for building as it does not bend or warp in moist conditions. However composite timber is also a popular selection because it requires less maintenance. As some Composites perform better in a pool or spa situation selecting the correct options is important. So ensure you research your options adequately.

Safety Around Pool Decks

There are several safety rules within WA regarding laws pertaining to boundaries, fences and gates around swimming pools which you can view here. Make sure you understand these are laws and abide by them when constructing your new pool deck.

Pool decks can be constructed around both types of pools built in WA:

Below Ground Pools
Although more expensive, below ground pools are more popular for homeowners in WA. This is mainly because they add more value to your home and are often larger and more accessible. By adding a deck around your below ground pool you can extend the entertainment area. In addition, you can create additional safety by combining your deck with a gate and fence that follow State safety rules.

Above Ground Pools
Above ground pools are more cost effective, easier to install and require less maintenance than below ground pools. However, they are often less desirable and practical as they are not as easy to enter. By constructing a custom pool deck to surround your above ground pool will increase the accessibility to the pool, add safety and create a more practical area to relax and entertain.

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