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Are You Considering a Wooden Pergola?

Are you Considering a Wooden Pergola?

Wooden pergolas are a great option if you want to add a practical and alluring natural looking entertainment area to your backyard. A well built wooden pergola will provide shade from the harsh WA sun and protection from the wind. Furthermore, it will create years of pleasure and may increase the value of your property.

Timber Options

There are a number of Australian and Imported timbers to select from when building a wooden pergola. All of which vary in price, strength, durability and resistance to termites and decay. The best timber for your individual backyard will depend on your soil type, climate, amount of sunlight/rain etc. In Western Australia, most builders will recommend Merbau or Jarrah and treated pine , which are ideal for the harsh WA climate.

FreeStanding or Attached

A wooden pergola is either free standing from any other structure, or attached to an existing structure (like a house). When a pergola is attached to the house, it can provide a seamless entrance from the home to the backyard. By comparison, a free standing pergola is often put in close proximity to a swimming pool. This creates a relaxing poolside area with cover from the elements.


In order to make your pergola a functional entertainment area, it should be accompanied with practical and seamless flooring. Most homeowners elect for paving or timber decking as an outdoor flooring option. Concrete or limestone paving is typically more affordable than decking. However, most people feel that timber decking is more pleasing on the eye and adds greater value to your property.

Steel V Wooden Pergolas

Steel Pergolas are generally considered a more modern look fit a certain style of house. However, a well thought out wooden pergola will bring warmth, style and character to your home for years.

Wooden Pergolas from WA Timber Decking Professionals

WA Timber Decking Professionals have constructed a variety of wooden pergolas for Perth homeowners and businesses since 2003. Paul and the team have the necessary experience and knowledge to ensure that your new pergola is a perfect fit for your backyard.

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