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How to Select a Patio Builder

Patio Builders

There are numerous patio builders to select from in Perth and Western Australia. By and large, they all offer varying experience, qualifications, price and design options.

However, selecting the correct patio builder for your individual project is vital. Making the wrong decision can result in wasted money and an impractical design.

Getting Started

Like any important decision, this should not be rushed. By firstly speaking with numerous reputable builders and asking the correct questions, you will enable yourself to make the best possible decision.

Firstly, create a shortlist of potential builders by looking online for reputable companies. Online reviews can be a guide to determine whether a builder is experienced and ethical. However, business owners can often manipulate reviews, so view them with a grain of salt.

What to Ask?

Secondly, we suggest that you contact them with some initial questions before asking for a quote.

  • How long has your company been operating for?
  • Does your company provide a warranty on the materials and workmanship?
  • Is the insurance for your company?
  • What experience does your company have in building patios?
  • Will you visit my home for a no-obligation quotation?

These preliminary questions should give you some insight as to whether they are friendly, experienced and ethical. Furthermore, the builder should answer these questions willingly. In addition, they should offer advice and ask questions regarding your specific requirements.

Requesting a Quote

Finally, now that you have a revised shortlist of potential patio builders, you can request a no-obligation on-site quotation. Here are some additional questions you can ask during this process –

  • How long will it take to complete?
  • When are you able to start on the project?
  • What timbers and materials do you suggest that we build with, and why?
  • How will the direction of sunlight and wind affect the design of the patio?
  • What is required to maintain the patio once it has been constructed?

Find Out More

So Contact Paul today for a no-obligation quote on a new patio for your backyard.


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