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Wire & Stainless Steel Balustrade

When considering the balustrade for your decking or verandah project, these issues could dictate the style to use –

  • Is there a view to be retained?
  • What’s the height of the deck from the ground?
  • Do you want glass, stainless wire or timber finishes?
  • What maintenance do want to be up for?

As there are so many options on the market it can be confusing to know what to choose. At WATD we reduce that confusion and use timber posts and rail with stainless wire or timber to form attractive and strong balustrades. This style perfectly complements your new deck or pergola and is made from hardwood post – either class 1 hardwood or a treated timber – stained to match the deck detail.

The stainless steel wire we use is normally 316 grade, 3.2mm diameter with 7×7 strand construction. We generally use a 5mm stainless steel saddle in conjunction with a Jaw / swage bottle screw turnbuckle to keep the wire tensioned across the length of the span. The standard balustrade height is 1000mm above FFL. This will require at least 9 rows of cable but if your elevation is greater than .9m you may require more rows.

It is best check with your local shires web site for regulations for your area as some shire may have different codes in place.

The stainless wire option provides an uncluttered detail that creates a open view out to your property. All balustrade designs become a major part of your deck space because it is more than just a barrier for safety. The choice of using 10 rows or 5 rows of wire will depend on elevation and this is normally discussed at the design stage.

Maintaining your balustrading doesn’t need to be a hassle especially when using our unique hydro phobic coating for your timber. A recoat once a year will be satisfactory for a long term result. A WA Timber Decking balustrade construction and detail will meet shire regulation and approval as standard.

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