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Spa & Pool Decks

Spa & Pool Decks Perth

Be Wary of Cheap Solutions as Pool & Spa Areas Present a Unique Set of Construction Conditions

When considering installing a spa or pool deck, the correct timber choice is paramount to ensure a great result that will last more than just 18 months.

Spa & Pool Decks

The correct clearance and construction method for the substrate, and the correct decking material that will perform in the full or partial climate exposure without failure, are essential to create a long lasting, reliable spa or pool deck. You will also need to consider your sealer options, fastening methods, board spacings, fencing compliancy and spa positioning before you install a pool or spa deck. But don’t stress about it – call us and we will talk you through your spa or pool decking project plans and get you started.

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WA Timber Decking has been constructing outdoor structures for nearly 10 years and have built in just about every imaginable scenario! This means we know the challenges you face as a DIYer and can guide you in the right direction to make your project work, no matter how daunting it might seem. We can offer a complete price list on all our timber stocks through our Timber Decking Supply Shed.

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